Vedic Fortune

Students Testimonials

Note: Vedic Vigyaan is now Vedic Fortune

Clients Testimonials

Vastu Consultation from Vedic Fortune has brought peace, prosperity and
happiness. He also helped us with new logo based on Numerology.


Dr Priyanka

Had severe back pain since many years. We consulted Preetesh for Vastu and I have stopped the medicines which I had been taking since years.


Kunal Pandya

We got both Vastu and Astrology Consultation from Preetesh. Remedies he recommend are cost effective and very effective. Amazing Results.


Jalpa Sheth

Preetesh has helped me so much in all different situations and challenges with his Astro and Vastu remedies. He is like a brother to me now.


Milind Kulkarni

Preetesh is the one who get me out of the most crucial times of mine emotionally and financially. He is now my guide for any future projects.


Kajal Gurung

His astrology readings are very accurate, I got results within a month using his remedies. Changed my life prospective. Happy I am.