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The Challenge

As a beginner, I was struggling as a Vastu Consultant. Back then, when I started, there were not so many courses and options available to explore. All the secrets of vastu were in scattered information with some masters, mentors and gurus and were not available easily. 

I was serving in an MNC as a software professional when I realized that all the books and local sources have taught me enough. Some remedies were working, and some were not. The challenging part was that not all the clients agreed to do the changes I recommend for balancing Vastu or apply costly remedies. For those clients who agreed to comply with my solutions, I had to be on top of it until the changes were done or remedies were applied. Dependencies on external agencies, no timely delivery of remedies, no accurate applications as per my suggestions and lot more challenges. 

The Idea

One day, I realized I need to make my practice easy and more effective. I have to bring in some change in conventional methods followed in different places. Most of them dealt with demolitions, reconstructions, applying something on floor or walls. All these were effective quiet lot of time but then I used to read the face of my clients with a hope to get relief and also at the same time a disappointment or pain for the changes I have recommended. Clients have to compromise without their favourite place in their house, their favourite paints and not so good looking remedies I applied which would affect the look appearance or ambience of their property.

I travelled and studied Vastu and its solution from different Gurus, Mentors and Senior Vastu Consultants. As time passed by, I kept on upgrading my skills and solution methods. I experimented a lot, I failed, I re-worked; I researched and finally came up with this break-through of Energy Vastu Remedies.

The Innovation

“Vastu” when practiced as “Vastu Shastra” it is much more beyond the directions and placements of objects and utilities in your surrounding. If they only confined it to this theory, which is thought nowadays is 4 days or 5 days course, trust me, it would have included in one chapter of engineering students. Vastu Shastra is indeed a concept of Balancing Energies in and around your premises.

The Energy Vastu Remedies I have designed and invented with this perspective is boon for Vastu consultant. We have very positive testimonials from my clients, my student’s clients and clients of the consultants associated with us.

The Evolution of Energy Vastu

This is a time-tested and improvised formula. This formula comprises original stones, crystals, metals, and many of my secret ingredients.

I have worked very hard to improvise these remedies day by day to get the best results out of it. When I started practicing it initially, it was in raw form application. Then, I gave it proper size and shape. With advancement of time, I have improvised the shape, look, and the ingredients. With blessings of my Gurus and Mentors, I am still excited to add much more improvements.

Unfortunately, with success of my remedies, it is duplicated and distributed in the market with same names. All I can say is that they can give you a look alike remedy but not my experience.

Have a look at picture story of the evolution of my revolutionary remedies over the last few years…

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  • No Demolition / Reconstruction
  • No Drilling / Cutting
  • No Drafting / Gridding
  • No Bar Charts
  • No Color Tapes / Metal Strips
  • No 2D / 3D Remedy
  • No Color Changes
  • No Object Movement
  • No Side Effects Risk

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